Why Aspire

What Makes Aspire Unique?

Student Driven

Their involvement in every aspect of the Aspire experience and the “student-driven” atmosphere that creates, leads students to a sense of responsibility, accountability, and self-leadership.

Guide (Not Teach)

Mentoring and guiding provides the perfect environment to instill a love of learning as it aligns self-directed learning with the student’s passions to develop their unstoppable curiosity. 

Student Accountability

Our culture thrives on mutual support and “accountability through community.” We know we are not alone, and that our problems can be solved together, united by the shared purpose to bring about meaningful growth in ourselves, others, and society as a whole.

Neurocentric Education

Students will learn how to apply direct inputs to the brain and nervous system to create high performance outputs.

Entrepreneurship Programs

Students learn self-confidence, resilience, communication, problem-solving, creativity, goal setting, empathy, and lessons through mistakes. They learn that communication is key to collaborative problem solving; creativity breeds solutions for different needs with new ideas; goal-setting allows for achievement progressions towards a shared vision, as well as understanding of the community their business serves.

Project Based Learning

Research shows that everyone learns better by doing, which is why we offer a variety of project-based and holistic learning methods such as individualized curriculum, continual learning-style analysis, and self and peer accountability.  

Personalized Learning Plans

Each student and their family will work closely with our Head of School to develop personalized learning plans so they can excel within their unique path.  

Adaptive Digital Platforms

Through a customized combination of adaptive software, tradition learning plans and personal experience, students learn the essentials of mathematics, reading, writing, history, geography and more; all within the context of the wider world.

Socratic Discussions

Students engage in higher-order thinking, are encouraged to reflect and examine multiple perspectives of real world issues and relevant topics, learning through one another’s diverse opinions.

Develop Purpose Pathways

Students are supported to think differently about their education – instead of following a specific path determined by others, they are empowered to construct their own path and identify institutions and experiences that serve their goals.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

We utilize our 12 acres to embrace opportunities for discovery and creative thinking, supporting social-emotional growth and development.

Inspire Passionate Learners

Students are nurtured to find and pursue their passions, which gives them the drive necessary for lifelong learning and purpose.

Emotional Intelligence

We support awareness, understanding, and the ability to express and manage one’s emotions.  Children who are able to inhibit impulses (often driven by emotions) and manage distractions are able to engage in more pro-social behaviors and accomplish their goals.  Furthermore, children whom engage in practice of such applied intelligence reinforce the methods and development in one another. 

Respect Individualism

We provide a safe space for children to grow, and teach them about the world so they can make informed decisions necessary for true independence. We encourage personal responsibility in all aspects of life, while providing support and guidance.

Practice Mindfulness

Numerous studies show mindfulness education — lessons on techniques to calm the mind and body — can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase students‘ ability to stay engaged, helping them stay on track, enjoy the journey, and avoid behavior problems.  We guide them to self-regulate and understand themselves in utilizing these techniques, when needed.

Community Connections

Students will create strong community connections as an aid to becoming aware of the world beyond their learning studio and to expand their thinking beyond themselves.

Our Promises to Your Child

We will help students:

1. Find and cultivate their passions and purpose.

2. Become an independent and engaged learner who develops a life-long, intrinsic love of learning.

3. To understand the importance of strong character and service within a community.

4. To create connection and self-understanding through deep neurological and anatomical knowledge.

5. To cherish the arts, the wonders of the physical world, and the mysteries of the unknown.

Pillars of Aspire

A – Actions, speak louder than words

S – Send for your inner scientist

P – Purpose pathways

I – Innovation through Inspiration

R – Respect for all

E – Excellence in all we do