Mission, Vison & Philosophy


Aspire Academy shall foster each student’s unique passions while they discover their purpose. We leverage this “passionate purpose” through a neurocentric educational approach to ensure students develop the skills needed to confidently navigate and embrace a joyful life that impacts the world.  


Aspire Academy cultivates the innate potential of each student, enabling them to live a worldly life of purpose, confidence, and integrity; impacting the world with authenticity and compassion.


We believe independent thinking leads to good decisions, which leads to the right habits, which develops good character, which becomes fulfilled purpose.

Aspire Academy was created around the belief that all students have exceptional potential, and that with the right support and guidance, they can achieve great success in school, family, and all areas of their lives. We understand the challenges facing students and their families, be they academic, social, emotional, or financial. Aspire Academy’s community builds upon these foundations within our students and their families. Our philosophical approach is to:

  • Pursue Purpose
  • Build Integrity
  • Act in Confidence

The foundation of our program’s success is our school-wide Neurocentric approach to everything we do. We help the students understand and apply suitable brain and nervous system inputs to create high performance outputs. These highly personal and seemingly simple inputs of movement, sound, color, tactile sensation, vibration, or more can be extremely powerful in shifting one’s output to that of high performance.