What grades do you offer?

We currently offer K-8 grade – with high school coming in the near future.

Is Aspire Academy a Montessori School?

No. We are not a Montessori school although we do respect and implement some of the valuable Montessori methods. We also incorporate many other learning methods such as aspects of Waldorf, the Socratic Method, Design Thinking, and project-based learning, innovative digital learning platforms for concrete foundational skills.

Do you offer year-round school?

No. Our schedule runs from late August through May, but neurological movement programs are offered throughout the summer and every holiday break. These are operated by our affiliate, LIFEKour Academy. Furthermore, our core curriculum are designed so that they can be taken on the road allowing families to travel together, with no worry of falling behind.

Is Aspire Academy a religious school?

No. Neither Aspire Academy nor Eudaimonia, our parent organization, promotes any specific religion.

What do you mean by Passion and Purpose?

We believe that every person (and child) has innate gifts and talents, which can feed their passions in order to flourish. Our job is to help your child develop those gifts, nurture their passions, and discover how best to share them with the world!  At Aspire Academy, your child will find their passion and purpose to impact the world!

What is “Learner Driven: environment?

The learner-driven approach Aspire takes to education is designed to give your child  far greater control over how they learn. We know this can be scary for parents who have only experienced more traditional educational but research shows that students are much more engaged when allowed an appropriate amount of autonomy. You’ll find them taking greater accountability for themselves even at younger ages! With time, your child’s independence and critical thinking skills will grow which means he or she develops into an independent thinker equipped with lifelong passion for learning.

What is a “one-room school-house”?

One of the keys to any learning environment is providing a nurturing and supportive environment for all students. At Aspire, we make sure that there are many opportunities for both mentoring and being mentored by others by grouping various aged students together. We do this because it not only helps children grow as people but also provides an atmosphere where they can learn in more meaningful ways!

When appropriate, there will be times when Aspire students all gather together and times when they will gather based on rough developmental levels – this is a “one-room school-house.” 

Does Aspire Academy serve special needs children?

Unfortunately, we are not currently equipped to serve children who need specialized attention. However, we are open to meet the needs of the student and families through a possible open-door policy which allows your own aid or assistant to focus on their special needs.

How much will the school grow? Will you add higher grade levels?

Yes!  We are remodeling a large building on the property to grow our school. We plan to grow with careful consideration to ensure we do not lose focus on our mission, our promises, and our families. Our goal is to grow this location to include 30 students in each of the elementary, middle, and (eventually) high school classrooms.

Are there more Aspire Academy’s?

Not yet!  But the long-term goal is to develop additional locations around the world. This would enable us to offer various exchange-student options between our locations.

How can I apply for Aspire Academy?

Our application process begins with scheduling a tour and a family interview with our Head of School. This allows for discussion of our unique educational methods and philosophies in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you! Please email or call 833-568-7474 to get more information. We look forward to hearing from you!