Adventure Studio

Coming 24/25!

Understand + Innovate + Awareness – 11 to 15 years old

Adventure Studio Learners begin their journey into the real world and take even more control of their lives and choices. They’ll learn to calculate, write, and think more deeply by working on challenging Quests and exciting opportunities. Learners step into leadership roles and implement their student-governed environment with the involvement of their peers & encouragement of their guides. Adventure Studio Learners start to discover and cultivate their passions and purpose in life.


  • Learners apply real-world skills in hands-on (quests) projects, including developing real products and services for the public.
  • As young people grow into adolescence, their impact multiplies. Now, projects have real clients, skills are developed with rigor, and discussions embrace a higher level of maturity.
  • Adventure Studio offers a higher level of freedom, as well as a safe place to test learner limits, failing early, often, with a mindset to learn from their failures.
  • Focusing on a passion, learning at their own pace. Working Hard. Playing Hard. Mastering core skills while learning 21st century skills.

Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.

— Jim Rohn