How do we do it?

Every family at Aspire Academy meets with our Head-of-School to develop a Personalized, Neurocentric Learning Plan, which gets evaluated throughout the year and updated as necessary, to ensure each student is challenged and supported, resulting in self-paced mastery.

Aspire Academy is both returning to and updating the traditional one-room schoolhouse through a modern, student-driven, multi-age learning studio. We’ve eliminated authoritative teachers in favor of supportive mentors who facilitate the higher-order thinking required for character development, by reflecting and examining multiple perspectives of real-world issues and relevant topics through Socratic Discussions. Adaptive digital platforms develop the foundational skills necessary for often entrepreneurial, but always engaging Project-Based Learning (PBL).

Project-Based Learning is a highly effective method of education where students are given an engaging, complex challenge to investigate and respond to. We use mastery portfolios which generally include a product, service or presentation to demonstrate the knowledge the students have gained through their work and act as our evaluation of their progress. PBL is the best way to develop deep content knowledge and skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and effective communication; unleashing a contagious, creative energy and love of learning among students.

We believe learning opportunities are limitless which compels us to explore and expound on those most useful to our students.