Welcome to Aspire Academy!

We offer profoundly unique, multi-age learning studios that guide learners in self-governed academic goals, mentorship opportunities, and internships.

Young incoming learners are welcomed into an environment that cultivates their curiosity and sparks their desire to learn. As they progress into older learning studios they’ll develop a unique, personalized learning plan where they focus on their self-identified passions and goals. Their plan includes meeting with our Neurological Specialist to learn to implement a neurocentric self-understanding and practice that optimizes their academic and physical performance.

We’ve eliminated lectures in favor of supportive guidance and contextual learning, which facilitates the higher-order thinking required for character and academic development. Utilizing Socratic Discussions and Project Based Learning, they grow through reflecting and examining multiple perspectives of real-world issues and relevant topics.

We believe learning opportunities are limitless, which compels us to explore and expound on those most useful and relevant to our learners.